Odd Sock

Adventures of The Odd SockI wrote and published my first book, called The Adventures of the Odd Sock, in 2003.
The idea for the book grew from the fact that most people have had experiences of losing
socks from their partners in the washing machine and ending up with odd ones.

But the question is – where do the socks go and why do the missing ones never re-appear?
With that in mind I decided to do some ‘creative investigation’ of my own and invented a Sock Club which exists in the magical world of Washing Machine drum!
Here, the naughty little socks can hold parties, dance all night, and have lots of magical adventures with their ‘footwear friends’.

These include Uncle Doc Marten, Shoe (Sweetheart), the sock children, Wader Boot and, of course, Slippers!

The Further Adventures Of The Odd SockRecently, I have published my new book called The Further Adventures of the Odd Sock, which continues with the socks’ adventures in AND out of the washing machine, where
her mischievous actions extend into the house, sleeping inside shoeboxes, and trying to avoid being captured and put into the laundry basket!

I am now in the process of writing my third book, which I aim to have finished at the end of October 2014 and am gradually introducing some new characters and storylines to keep everything fresh and interesting.

All my books are aimed at young children from the age of three years upwards and they are in the same genre as the Peppa Pig creations, as my ultimate aim is to see my books
being turned into cartoons for tv.

All the sock characters have one thing in common; they are all very naughty (not unlike most children!) and, as most children also LIKE to wear odd socks in different colours and patterns, I think this would make the characters very popular.

The little socks also have a liking for colourful ribbons, fizzy lemonade and playing tricks on each other, so each story is different with a new idea and a new picture.

I create all my stories from imagination and draw and paint the illustrations which go
alongside each of them.

My books are available on the Amazon website and are also available to download on to

Michelle Caines.

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